Quit the confusion


Amidst the responses here and in my inbox from people who knew what they loved and wanted, were some who didn’t.

I don’t believe there’s a single person on Earth who ISN’T passionate, who didn’t have a dream growing up.

But somewhere along the line, you lost sight.

Except, you didn’t really.

Something happened.

Something that scared you into hiding your dreams deep inside, safe from the world, from anyone who might crush them before they’ve had a chance to come true.

  • Maybe you got laughed at or told to grow up
  • Maybe you went after something you wanted and failed, so gave up
  • Maybe you do know what you want but are too afraid to say it out loud
  • Or they seem too small / big / silly / outrageous / normal
  • Maybe you hide them because you want something you think you shouldn’t

A major reason you can get stuck answering this question is thinking that you need to have one answer for this.

Find that one overriding passion you can dedicate your life to, to find your ‘purpose’ in life.

Being a multi passionate person, it’s no wonder you struggle with this!

Because you’re looking for THE passion.

Which mostly doesn’t exist.

Life isn’t always about finding the ‘ultimate’ passion, it could be about living out all of them in varying degrees. Choosing what feels good, what feels resonant with you. Deciding what you want to experience next.

Like I said in that post about passion – the happiest people in the world are those who have a goal/dream and are making progress towards it.

Why is this so important?

Because a life without dreams, a life without passion is half a life. It leads to regrets and sadness. And between, when I say passion I don’t just mean things like social activism or jumping out of planes – it could be something as ‘simple’ as reading or walking!

Your passions are very personal and unique to you, even if others share the same passions cos how you interpret them and bring them into your life is something only you can do.

Oh and your dreams, your desires are 10000% valid JUST because you have them. You do NOT have to defend them to anyone, or feel guilty about wanting what you want, k?

#boost #up #your #goal

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